Each department faces its own challenges

Business units

Integrated corporate planning and control

macs controlling software integrates with all areas of your company. No matter what business challenge your specialist departments are facing, macs will provide a solution for all cases. Together with controllers, the macs experts develop the right business performance indicators and design meaningful reports.

Controlling with macs is possible across all departments and throughout all levels. Without media breakage, macs relieves the key levels.   Create an overview of which macs departments with over 20-year-old controlling  competence support

  • Controlling
  • Business Management/Management
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Production
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Marketing
  • Research & Development
  • Logistics and Shipping

Controlling goes digital

The Controlling department is the central key element in the company. This is where all the data is run together on the basis of which the company is controlled. macs software provides controlling, management and management across all data-based bases, analyses and evaluations for secure strategic and operational decisions.

macs supports the following tasks of controlling for example

  • Budgeting and Forecast (yearly, perennial, rolling)
  • Simulation and sensitivity analysis
  • Liquidity Planning  
  • Plan, Target, Actual comparisons
  • Create meaningful KPIs

Best look at the macs modules with their capabilities.  

macs Controlling Software - Controlling digital


macs controls the cost responsibility of departments or people within the enterprise. The information   of actual services and actual costs from the ERP, as well as their comparison with a rolling, dynamic planning that takes account of the degree of employment, are essential for improving the cost/performance ratio. With macs, all relevant data and information flow in a recipient-oriented and automated way or ad-hoc   to all relevant points.   The transparency of cost creation   allows for continuous improvement of processes, attractive cost savings and interesting increases in productivity.

Macs supports questions such as

  • Where are cost savings possible?
  • What are the capacity requirements?
  • What are the actions that affect?
  • and others.

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macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Management

Financial controlling

The financial accounting system supports macs with the greatest possible transparency about the entire liquidity situation and at any point in time. macs shows financial bottlenecks early on, and that already, if the success calculation is still positive. For financial controlling, macs is the instrument for integrated success and financial planning that takes into account all financial changes in the company.  

With macs, all possibilities for high-quality financial management are given from a simple management consolidation to a trade-law consolidation across several consolidation circles. Also savings accounts with relocations within the plant level, the GuV, balance sheet and cash flow bill are possible and much more.  

  • How can account standards be brought together locally and internationally?
  • What are the amount of assets and write-offs?
  • What investment is planned and how does it work?
  • and others.

Talk to one of the macs experts and find the best solution for your challenge.

macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Finanzbuchhaltung / Finanzcontrolling

Distribution and sales planning

macs Software supports sales and/or sales planning sales. Whether across customer or sales structures, macs enables all users based on future changes (new selling prices, changed purchase prices, additional revenue taps, or updated currency exchange rates, etc.) Establish expected calculations for all conceivable scenarios and time dimensions. macs determines deviations from quantities, price, manufacturing costs, or a selected product and customer mix. Transparently generates macs meaningful reports.  

macs answers important questions such as

  • What if the buying behavior changes?
  • What are the consequences of currency fluctuations?
  • How do changed conditions affect?
  • What is the Feelgood price for your product?
  • and more


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macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Vertrieb & Vertriebsplanung


The purchase supports macs software with quick statements on required sales volumes oriented   material and capacity requirements. macs reports in consideration of delivery times and probable demand quantities,   when stocks end, and calculates the costs for optimal storage. In all processes and processes, macs takes into account the supply chain. BOM is resolved retrograde and material requirements are issued at the push of a button.

With macs software, you will find answers to questions like  

  • What are the impact of new EC prices?
  • What are the optimal production variants?
  • What does a conversion of raw materials mean?
  • Single-and multi-sourcing
  • and others.

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macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Einkauf


Pre-, after-and co-running calculation give important data to the production of the production. In the ongoing process, macs, even out of a large amount of data, quickly provide information on marginal costs and cover contributions. macs   helps you identify price drivers and allows you to do deviation analyses of target.

Manufacturing cost and deviations from the manufacturing cost-target comparison run   with macs in the current result invoice. With macs, statistics, reports, analyses and other cost considerations are possible from all conceivable viewing angles and can be generated quickly and in a receiver-oriented manner. Reporting takes place on a daily basis as part of the shop-floor-management.

macs Software shows   the effect of decisions in the manufacturing process immediately and answers questions like

  • What are the cost estimates?
  • How do you cost?
  • How do you affect employment and consumption deviations?
  • What is the workload of individual machines, labor, and shift models?
  • What is the raw material requirement?
  • and others.

The best way to do this is to make it to you, like many successful companies, and get in touch with macs in the same way. Arrange your free expert talk.

macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Produktion

Human Resources (HR)

macs supports HR departments in personnel planning. In addition to the presentation of the personnel situation in the company, macs can provide further planning of personnel costs-and this in all conceivable scenarios and taking into account all salary and salary components. Special business situations such as short-time work, savings potential and transfer costs can be simulated quickly and serve the HR department as the basis for important decisions and cost forecasts.

Among other things, the following questions can be answered with macs software

  • What impact are rising labor costs?
  • Do you have sufficient human resources?
  • Calculation of Headcounts and FTEs
  • Outsourcing vs. Insourcing
  • and others.

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macs Controlling Software - Controlling für Human Resources (HR) / Personalabteilung