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macs Care

From the beginning

With your decision for macs, you decide for more than 'only' for controlling software. You opt for


macs solutions are simple and clever. This makes the implementation of the implementation economically and quickly.

Ready to help

macs stands at your side and not only when it gets stuck.   Service and support are well organized. With fully tested releases, you will always be up-to-date and the macs Academy will support your progress.


Your tasks and their solution are our concerns. We will be up for this in the morning.


You will receive clean offers and clear billing. So you know with a look at what you are.


You buy at macs "healthy solutions", so just what you really want to tackle. The macs experts will clarify their needs before the project starts in a concept workshop.


macs holds what it promises. This is what the many long-standing and trusting relationships with customers, partners, employees and suppliers speak for. You can convince yourself in a conversation with one of our experts.  

Your path to success


After our first contact, we will discuss what special controlling interests you have. This needs analysis is enormously important to us, so that we can prepare ourselves for your business, your industry and your challenges. We design the following presentation of the macs software individually and exactly to your requirements. We want to understand you and that before you decide for macs. This is the only way we can achieve a clean and commercial offer.


macs projects start with a concept workshop. The   macs team analyzes in detail the challenges you face and the challenges you face. which questions you want to answer with your controlling and the software. macs makes a locational provision and clarifying basic things with you. In the workshop, macs will look at the technical situation of your company and will arrange appointments and contact details with you. Only when the project scope is clear starts macs with the next step.


Whether you start with macs virtually or on site in presence, you decide. macs binds little resources and can start independent of the IT. Your consultant is an expert in his field of expertise and is committed to solving your tasks. Your consultant will develop a coherent project plan with your team so that everyone will know who will carry out what and when and in what order. Tasks and time intervals are precisely tailored to your requirements.  


As a user, you create analyses and evaluations yourself. The macs self service approach makes it independent and the macs user interface is easy to use and intuitively built. If, however, obstacles arise or the one or other screw has to be readjusted, your personal macs adviser is quickly available. He knows your company best. For all cases, service and support are always and easily accessible. The team   takes care of your concerns as soon as possible.  


The modular architecture of the macs controlling software allows controlling activities in your company, as required, to include additional data and processes in your controlling system, as well as to integrate add-ons into your processes, departments and company locations.  

Your employees learn basic or continuing   to macs software in the context of the school offering of the macs Academy.


How long your path will take, you decide. You specify the tempo and the expected target arrival. macs will correct the direction of deviating from the plan if necessary. Depending on requirements and customer requirements, macs also takes over the tax or increases the number of revolutions in order to achieve agreed dates and defined project goals successfully.

macs Controlling Software - Ihr Weg zum Erfolg

macs Competence Network

macs is engaged in many networks and controlling professionals. From this, over the years, a competence network developed, which can be used whenever special cases are to be solved or   for their solution more than one angle of view is needed.  

macs Controlling Software - macs Kompetenz Netzwerk

macs Promise

No matter what your business challenge you are, macs is at your side and always there when you need support. We are happy to share the 'How Todo'   from other customer projects with you and our implementation strength anyway. Dynamic is guaranteed.

macs does not promise you miracles, but dedication and passion, and that is consistent and disciplined.

macs Controlling Software - macs Versprechen