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In the center of macs, you stand, the customer. On your requirements, the macs controlling software is configured and adapted to your company, your industry and your individual specifics and needs.

Together with you, we implement step by step your controlling solution. The modular approach of macs allows you to take you on a journey across the entire company into the individual parts lists or work plans, or just through individual departments. The target? A successful and holistic controlling.

With security

With these seven main modules and numerous add-ons, macs software is ideally equipped for all requirements for an innovative and advanced controlling system.  

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macs BI-Business analytics

Generate information from data

The basis, base module   of all macs products is macs BI. With the support of the cleverly designed macs dashboard, the development and design of meaningful reporting across all levels is a child's play. Designed and fully automated, the figures and analyses are designed and fully automated to those who are responsible for it.

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macs Controlling Software - macs BI Dashboard

Sales & Profit-Planning

Planning and Taxes of Sales and Enterprise Product

The Macs Module Sales & Profit enables and supports rolling sales or sales-driven sales planning through customer and sales structures, and with individually configurable planning and conditioning models. Integrated corporate planning starts with sales at macs and leads to earnings controlling in the form of a phased financial contribution invoice.

Available as Add On
  • macs NeuroPricing-anticipate the best prices
  • macs Condition-Transparently represent customer conditions


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  • Paragraph
  • Conditions
  • Revenue
macs Controlling Software - Sales & Profit - Planen & Steuern von Vertriebs- und Unternehmensergebnisen

Cost Center-Manages

The cost center bill as an instrument for cost management

The cost center bill with macs Cost Center allows you to control the cost responsibility of departments or people within the organization.   The transparency of cost creation by macs Cost Center allows for continuous improvement of processes, and thus cost savings through productivity gains.


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  • Structural Cost
  • EBIT
  • Reconciliation bridges
macs Controlling Software - macs Cost Center - Kostenstellenrechnung / Kostenmanagement

Finance-liquidity in view

Successfully Plan and Control Financial Changes

In the Finance Module, the values from all the other modules run together with the GuV. Based on the GuV, the balance sheet and the cash flow statement are prepared. macs Finance is an instrument for integrated success and financial planning that takes into account the financial changes of all areas within the company.

Available as Add On
  • macs Consolidation-A consolidated balance sheet from individual balance sheets
  • macs InvestPlanning-Planning what is needed tomorrow


Learn more about  
  • GuV (profit and loss account)
  • Balance sheet
  • cash flow
macs Controlling Software - macs Finance - Liquidität / Finanzrelevante Veränderungen planen und steuern

Product Costing

Precision and transparency in the value flow of production

The product costing module determines the capacity and material requirements based on the sales volumes, and calculates the manufacturing costs of the products, goods or services. From existing ERP systems, macs takes over parts lists and job plans and uses them in different scenarios for retrograde determination of material and capacity requirements.

Standard manufacturing costs and deviations from the manufacturing cost-target comparison and the accounting control of cost centers flow statistically into the result calculation.  


Learn more about  
  • Marginal costs
  • Contribution Margin
  • Unit Fixed Cost
macs Controlling Software - macs Product Costing - Transparenz im Wertefluss

Human Ressources (HR)-Planning personnel

Sustainable planning and taxation of RTD ' s & the resulting costs

macs HR looks at human resources management from the point of view of the departments (controlling, HR, etc.). It includes the representation of the human actual situation in the company in the form of RTD and Head Count on the basis of all or selected employees and their costs.


Learn more about  

  • Personnel Cost Planning
  • Staff Objectives
  • Effort
macs Controlling Software - macs Human Resources (HR) - Personal sicher & exakt planen